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Imagine if you will that the world is made of more than three dimensions. That most people only experience these three dimensions but that there is a fourth, and even a fifth.  That reality was a honey-comb or a foam with bubbles all mushed together, each reality pushing and pressing up against each other. This is Annwfn, (Anne-win) a blend of Never Neverland, Narnia, heaven, hell, the Summerlands, and faeryland; or should I say that these places are versions of Annwfn.

The word its self comes from the middle Welsh for deep or depth. It is a different dimension, in the truest sense of the word. Often this idea expresses its self by stating its underneath; under the ground, under the sea, under. Sometimes it is expressed as over; over the water, over the bridge, crossing over. Sometimes as being islands separate from here, where ever “here” maybe.
The Glass Fortress and the Four Peaked Fortress being important places spoke in Welsh mythology with Annwfn. These are special interest to me personally because I have travelled to these places in my journeying well before I had heard or read of them. Still more interestingly are perhaps the faeries, not that they are alone in inhabiting different bubbles within this foam. These pan-dimensional beings are often a simply call “spirit” and yet spirits, guides, fey or faery have different abilities and levels of connection to the physical world.

Fae seem to have the ability to traverse from bubble to bubble with relative ease and skill; though they are often tied to specific locations or habitats where The Veil is weaker, or there is a doorway or portal. Some travel by tree, rock or water, some punch holes from this place to somewhere else (this may explain the “glowing orb” or faery light). It is interesting that in similar habitats in distant countries similar faery folk are described with the same likes and dislikes and needs. While the names change the creatures tend to be quite consistent.

The Veil then would be the surface of these bubbles, the substance that connects and binds reality together. There is some substance to all this at least in the world of physics. It would certainly explain why gravity (comparatively) is such a weak force. The Veil seems to have seasonal ups and downs, with Beltane and Samhain being some of the thinnest times of the year.

All spirit based practices have to traverse these lands or call on spirit to traverse them. Some are resplendent and glorious, some like earth and some made of mirk and darkness.  Drumming, sound and ritual are the most common way to “slip your skin” to walk in these worlds, though intoxication is also used. The Dreaming of myth, music and ritual push and warp the Veil adding in spirit travel and communication with those beyond.  It was said that the dead were voiceless, save for the bards to speak their words and deeds. Perhaps it is this that they meant, that it is those whom walk between whom must speak for them as best as they can.  

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